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Terrorism is a religion of satan: Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan along with tennis sensation Sania Mirza and shooting star Abhinav Bindra expressed their anger towards terrorism, branding it as a religion of devils.

SRK said,While all civilised religions celebrate and respect life this new barbaric terror religion loves only death and unfortunately all human faiths now face a challenge.Indian civilisation does not distinguish in terms of religion. We are an impossible achievement in the world and I’m very proud to be an Indian.”

SRK further says, “No one can have two viewpoints about terrorism. There is no religion of terrorism. I am often asked my viewpoint on this, maybe because I am a Muslim and I am veryproud to be a Muslim.”

“But I have read the Quran, listened to the Gita, acted in Ram Leela… and learnt Christianity besides being a Muslim… My friends and I have worked on a film on Buddha (Asoka) and my wife is a Punjabi.”

The message of the evening was “Terror has no religion. Our solidarity, courage and resoluteness are the answer to the threat of terror” and the event was hosted by Nandita Das.


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