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Home Security-Motion Detector Alarms

Home security is a growing concern for millions of people. Even though the housing market is in the tank, the average value of a home these days is still $200,000. Not exactly chicken feed! It is still the largest investment most families will ever have. Yet more people have their cars alarmed than have their homes protected. Part of the reason for that is because of cost concerns.

And it is true that you can spend a ton of money on all kinds of home security systems and devices. Here’s a review of four of the best motion detector alarms that are meant to improve your home security and provide some level of home invasion prevention and home burglary prevention.

With one out of six homes annually the victim of home burglary, home burglary prevention and home invasion prevention are uppermost on the minds of homeowners not only to improve their home security but to protect their family and their personal possessions.

1. The HomeSafe home security system. It includes: one base unit with programmable keypad and 105 dB alarm siren; one window and door sensor that’s wireless with a range up to 300 feet; a wireless motion sensor with the range up to 25 feet; and one key chain remote that can be used to arm and disarm the unit and a panic button. If motion is detected when the unit is armed. It will call up to five preset phone numbers with a prerecorded message. The system can be used for invalid elderly people who live alone as a caretaker emergency notification system.

2. The Voice Alert System. This system includes a base unit and up to six wireless sensor transmitters that can transmit up to 1000 feet in open space and 300 feet through walls. Each area is protected by a sensor and each zone has its own prerecorded message to alert you when activity is in the area. The annunciator system not only protects areas but can activate up to four relays to operate equipment like outdoor floodlights. This system can be used for commercial applications as well.

3. The Laser Sensor Alarm includes a transmitter and receiver that transmits an invisible IR light between them that can extend to 60 feet long. When that beam is penetrated a loud alarm or pleasant chime sounds. The volume on the chime can be set to low, medium or high and is a perfect application for a retail store to announce customers.

4. The “Electronic Watchdog” is a wireless system that uses PIR technology. When somebody enters the protected area up to 20 feet away the sound of an angry barking dog starts. A remote control unit allows you to arm and disarm the watchdog. The barking dog alarm can also be used for commercial purposes to protect warehouses offices and fenced in areas.

These are four of the best motion detector alarms for your home security.

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