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What's the Best E-Book Reader?

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I have been on the eBook reader bandwagon since they came out. My first was the Sony eReader, then I moved onto the Amazon Kindle and finally, Apple’s iPad. Which is more like a flat computer than an eBook Reader, but it does do a very good job at being both. With each step up in technology my reading became more frequent and the enjoyment I got out of reading increased.

The first Sony eReader was terrible. The batteries had issues, where they would die after a few days, even without use. I sent it in to Sony and they said everything was fine. It was hard to read also. The dark, almost brown screen behind the black letters made it nearly impossible. However, I did like that you could put your music collection on your eReader and listen to music while you read. Something the Amazon Kindle didn’t have when I upgraded.

The Kindle blew me away. I loved the way it felt in my hand and the ease of use. Purchasing and downloading books was a breeze through WiFi or their own dedicated 3G network. It also had a built-in Oxford English Dictionary, which I used all the time. However, I wasn’t able to listen to music, so when I traveled I had to bring along my iPod.

Then came Apple’s iPad and totally stole the show. Not only could I read my books on a bright LED screen, but I could look up words using only my finger, using the touch screen. I could highlight and add notes as well, using nothing more than my finger. Listening to music while I read was also a great feature. When I am not reading on my iPad, I use it to watch movies, surf the web, or reply to emails. It’s the perfect travel companion.

I no longer have any other eReader. The Apple iPad is all I use. I also don’t travel with my laptop anymore. Nope, I just bring the iPad with me and I never need anything else.

But there have to be some cons to all these pros right? Yes! It’s expensive. At $499 for the base model, you can buy 4 Kindles for the same price. And it’s heavy. Much heavier than the Sony eReader, or the Amazon Kindle. And you’re tied into iTunes for all of your books, music and movies. That’s a little annoying.

However, if you’re like me and are an Apple fanatic, you don’t mind. I have all of my music, movies, etc. already in iTunes and it was a no brainer.

What if you just want an eReader to be able to read books? I would suggest the Amazon Kindle. It’s, in my mind, miles ahead of the Sony eReader and costs less too.



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