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Desktop And Laptop Buying Tips

Planning to buy a computer? Computer has now become a must for communication, education, and even entertainment. But before buying desktop or laptop it is better to learn more about them. Buying the right desktop or laptop computer can be an intimidating task if you don’t have sound knowledge about the components like hard drive, processor, ram, storage, hardware, and software, etc.

In this article you will find some useful desktop and laptop buying tips. If you are looking for a computer just to check your emails, then you can opt for any old computer. But if you need a desktop computer to save files, browsing the internet, or to use large applications, then you should buy a good desktop or laptop.

Choosing the computer components are also important to build up a faster computer. For instance, you need to choose at least a Dual core processor or a quad core processor. PCs having a quad core processor can perform multiple tasks very easily at the same time. Intel processor might be dominating the market but AMD and Athlon are also equally good.

Every great processor requires a decent amount of ram (memory) to function to its best. As we are considering building a computer to meet today’s requirements the amount of RAM should be truly higher. Earlier, 256MB or 512MB memory was considered to be enough while now it is recommended to install at least 4GB of memory. To run Windows Seven operating system and other resource hungry applications it is quite satisfactory. For Windows XP support or for Windows 7 Upgrade, you can talk to a computer repair company.

The next job is to select the hard drive. Now we need more disk space as we store all of our photos and videos on the hard disk of the computer. It is recommended having at least a 500GB hard drive. For further storage you can think of buying a 500GB external hard drive as well.

Another important component is the Motherboard. If you are buying a readymade desktop you can’t choose the motherboard. But if you are assembling a computer then you can easily pick a good motherboard. Motherboard is the main system board of the computer. You can pick Intel or ASUS motherboard. There are also different other companies like Gigabyte, ASRock, MSI, etc.

Now you need to consider the optical drive. You need a DVD drive to install programs as well to play music CD’s, games, DVD movies, and more. There should be at least one DVD burner drive installed on your computer. Apart from these, you can also consider installing extra graphics and sound card on your computer for better performance.


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