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Computer Freezes Up: What Is Wrong? What Can You Do?

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What Is Wrong?

Have you found yourself in a very disastrous situation like when your computer freezes up in the middle of the report you are doing that is due early tomorrow morning? Well, if you have, then you must have known how irritating it could be when such things happen. It may have happened to you once but for some, their computer freezes up situations happens to them at least once a day and it really sucks. They are often left wondering why their computer suddenly freezes up when it was totally in good condition when they started using it.

Normally, a lot of computer units freeze up because their source for RAM is inadequate to the number of programs that they are running all at once. More often than not, when people use their computers, they run more than one program at a time. Sometimes, they even run so many at a time and they fail to consider that when they do that, they only make the situation worse for them and for their computer. Every program will ask for its share for RAM sources and when the existing sources are not able to give the adequate amount of RAM the program needs, this is when total disaster comes into play.

Every computer has what it calls its resource box of memory. When people are running several programs, the entire system suffers because it has to do a lot of things to keep all the data safe and stored. The resource box of memory works double time to ensure that all the data that is being recorded at that time is kept well. That is why when there are too many programs running at the same time, Windows are having problems allocating memory for each one causing the computer system to slow down.

Some experts say that in order to put an end to the computer freezes up all of a sudden, people need to increase their memory and that will solve everything. However, even those who already have expanded memories in their computer are still experiencing computer freezes up moment once in a while which only means that expanding one’s computer memory will put an end to such computer problems.

There are several other issues that involve in the computer freezes up all of a sudden other than lack of a large memory storage box. Perhaps, computer owners would also want to take a look into their Window registry. This is one of the most important parts of the computer and yet very little is known about this part. Most of the time when this part becomes overloaded with redundant files, it causes the computer to freeze up. It is never easy to deal with computer freezes up problems but there are sure ways on how things can be prevented.

What Can You Do?

Have you had the most annoying experience in using your computer for a very important report for work when all of a sudden the computer freezes? If you have had this experience, you do understand how miserable it can make of you. You are lucky if it happened to you only once in the entire time with your computer but for those who have had the opportunity of suffering from situations when their computer freezes, it is not something that they have such fond memories of.

More often than not people whose computer freezes in the middle of finishing an important report for work feels annoyed when it happens but then again since they cannot do anything about it, they just turn of their computer and restart it. The freezing of the computer is not a new problem anymore. In fact, the number of years that people have been using computers can be superseded by the number of people who have experienced their computer freezing on them when they needed it the most.

Luckily, computer experts have tips on how to end this misery of computer freezing in just a few easy to follow steps. You no longer need to worry much about it. All you need to do it to follow the steps below.

• Do you know anything about your window registry? If this is something new to you then perhaps it is about time that you learn something about Window registry and what it does to your computer. Despite the great work that lies on the hands of the Window registry, it is still the most neglected part of the computer. In fact, it is the part that not a lot of people are aware of making it more difficult to accept that this part is where the problem of computer freezes lie.

• If all of a sudden your computer freezes, then perhaps the solution is not to dump that old computer and buy a new one. There are several other options on what you can do to fix the problem so that you won’t have to spend so much on buying a new unit when your old one can be as good as new. All you need to do is to clean up your Window Registry and your computer is as good as ever before. If after that the problem still persists, then it is time to take your computer to the hands of the experts so they can determine what can be done to fix it.

• Perhaps the use of an efficient anti-virus cleaner would also help clean up the whole computer system. You might not be aware that your computer is filled with so many corrupt files that is what is causing the computer to freeze.


Working Tutorial To Stop Windows Freezing:

Windows Freezes are a big problem for millions of PC’s around the World. Unlike “crashes”, these are where your computer will just stop working – making it appear like your monitor has just “frozen”. This problem has a large number of causes, which can include everything from your computer not having the files it requires to run, to having some sort of problem with its software. The bottom line here is that if you want to resolve Windows freezes, you should look to use the steps outlined here:

1) Make Sure You Know When Windows Freezes

The first thing you have to do is to make sure you know *when* your PC freezes. If you can work out when your computer will freeze / hang, you’ll be able to properly target the potential issues that are leading the problem to occur. You should look out for any software which causes your computer to freeze, as well as any specific commands / functions that will lead the problem to occur as well. It’s often the case that a specific program will cause your PC to freeze because of the way that software is corrupted – allowing you to fix this issue promptly.

2) Re-Install Any Software Causing The Freezes

The main cause of errors is going to be through the “software” of your PC. This is basically all the programs that your system will be using to run, and will likely be the fact that a specific application will be causing all the issues your PC may have. The good news is that re-installing any corrupted / damaged software on your computer will allow Windows to run much smoother – which can be done by following these steps:


  1. Click “Start”
  2. Locate “Control Panel”
  3. Click on “Add / Remove Programs”
  4. Locate the program causing problems
  5. Click “Remove”
  6. Restart your PC


This should resolve any of the potential problems that will be causing that particular program to freeze your PC… however, this only really works if you notice a specific program causing the problems.

3) Make Sure Your Hardware Is Working Correctly

The next step is to make sure that your hardware is working correctly. This is a big problem because it can just take one small issue with the likes of your “RAM” or “Graphics Card” in order to prevent your entire system from functioning correctly. To do this, you should restart your computer into “Safe Mode”, which will basically load up your PC without any of the programs / drivers that could be causing the errors to appear. To do this, you should follow these steps:


  1. Restart your PC
  2. Before Windows loads, press F8 continually
  3. When the “Boot Menu” loads, press “Enter” on “Safe Mode”
  4. Use this mode for about 30 minutes
  5. If no freezes occur, move onto the next step


4) Clean Out The Registry Of Your PC

The most likely cause of Windows freezing will be the “registry” database of your computer. This database is where all Windows computers keep their settings, options and files – allowing your PC to recall the likes of your desktop wallpaper and even your most recent emails. Despite the registry being one of the most important parts of Windows, it’s continually causing a large number of problems, which will often lead to Windows freezing. To fix this, you should download and run a registry cleaner tool. You can obtain these programs from the Internet, and then use it to get rid of any of the potential issues that your computer may have, which will stop the freezes for most people.

We recommend using a program called Frontline Registry Cleaner to stop the freezes on your PC. You can download a free trial of this tool by clicking onto its website.


Windows 7 Freezes on Startup:

Windows 7 freezes will generally occur when your system either has problems / issues that are preventing it from being able to read the files that it needs to run, or your system cannot process the features that it requires. If you want to fix Windows 7 freezes on Startup, there are a number of important steps you can take to resolve the issues you’re seeing, which will include using some in-built Windows features, as well as a number of important pieces of software.

1) – Use “Windows 7 Startup Repair”

The first step to resolving the Windows 7 startup freezes is to first ensure that you can perform a “Startup Repair” on your PC. Startup repairs are used to help repair any of the potential errors that will be preventing your PC from booting properly – and consequently, it’s recommended you use this process to mend the probable errors on your system. You can do this by performing these steps:


  1. Insert the Windows 7 installation disc into your system
  2. Restart your PC
  3. Make sure you set the “boot medium” to be the DVD in the BIOS
  4. Load up the Windows 7 installer disc
  5. Follow the installation process to repair the installation of your system


This will basically resolve any of the problems that will typically be preventing Windows 7 from booting smoothly – allowing your computer to run much smoother. You’ll typically find this resolves the freezes on your system.

2) – Download & Run A Registry Cleaner Tool

The next step is to run a registry cleaner program on your system. A registry cleaner is a tool that’s able to get rid of any of the potential issues that are leading your computer to run slower, preventing your system from being able to read the settings it requires to run. Using one of these programs is highly recommended if you want to resolve the various errors / problems that your Windows 7 system may have – and will typically work very well to fix the startup freezes.

You should download a registry cleaner from the Internet, install it and then let it get rid of any problems that it will find on your PC. This will resolve any of the potential issues that Windows will have inside – boosting the speed and reliability of your system as a result.


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