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No One Killed Jessica – Review

Filming a real life story that has already been a part of the news and newsrooms for years in indubitably is a difficult task. In spite of this fact, we must appreciate director ‘Raj Kumar Gupta’ for his brave attempt of narrating one of the most sensational real life stories following the murder of model ‘Jessica Lal’ at a Delhi nightclub in 1999. There are no surprises for guessing that above all, the director takes refuge in his cinematic liberties and thereby deviates a bit from the real story in some of the aspects like the character of Rani Mukherjee, who plays dual characters of journalist and an investigating police officer of the murder makes people wonder. But this is more imagery than real.

We can’t deny the fact that Rani Mukherjee in spite of being loud and sheer in some of the scenes look unmistakably wondering but it was balanced more or less by Meera Gaity who played a media woman puts a rocking performance. Vidya Balan as Sabrina Lal (Jessica’s sister was Sabrina) appears to be a bit subdue though overall she has delivered a good performance.  The two leading ladies are indeed the soul and spirit of the film. Other casts of the film Model turned actress Myra Karn who played Jessica Lal in the film doesn’t pull any surprises but she looked fine.

She makes her debut with this film and as a debutant she appears well versed with the role. Her appearances in the flashback are well portrayed and have come at a critical time in the film which gives a new and well perceived dimension to the story. Apart from these, Rajesh Sharma (we saw him as KK in Ishqiya), who played the investigating police officer, was perfect. Shireesh Sharma as a politician, who tries to save his son has also done a great job.

Model turned actress Myra Karn played Jessica in the film

10 on 10 go to Anay Goswamy’s cinematography. The music by Amit Trivedi is definitely ruling the charts especially the songs ‘ike dilli dilli’ and ‘aali re’ are a huge hit .The rest of the songs too are brilliant and are in line with the film’s demand. Trivedi gave a catchy and lively music that uplifts the spirit behind the story. Dialogues by Rajkumar Gupta speak of realism and truism. But we should not forget that the brazen language just reflects real conversations. Editing by Aarti Bajaj could have been a bit better by trimming down the dragged scenes (candle-light vigil at India Gate) in the film.

Why to watch the film?? A difficult question indeed, the film is replete with double meanings and vulgar language which will surely make it difficult to watch the film with your entire family. However, in a sense, Gupta is successful in portraying the story well, if not then no one would have sat down till the end to watch the climax of the film.

Would like to rate it as 3/5. Go for it if you want to give realism a try or else sit at home and sip a cup coffee.




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