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Water Therapy : Panacea of many ills

Authored By Akhila Sachidanandam:

Water covers almost 70% of the entire earth and 60% of the human body which lucidly implies its significance in our daily life. How can we possibly think of a life without water even for a day! It is thus more than just an essentiality – Its life in itself. Many of us think water is for thirst, water is to prevent dehydration and helps in easy digestion. While all of these are true, water is more than just a thirst quencher. It can be a cure for some diseases and prevention for some diseases. Ofcourse it can also cause diseases when not clean.

In general, drinking water in the morning before consuming anything washes out the food passage and helps in proper working of the bowel system. It essentially cleanses and detoxifies the entire system. Drinking 1.5 liters of water first thing in the morning does it all. To start with, drinking a lot of water at a time might be a difficult task. However, one can always increase it gradually or drink at intervals provided you do not consume anything in between.

Water therapy for weight loss:

Many of us desperate to lose weight have faith in walking into a doctor’s office and coming out slim or spending 3000 odd bucks a month of vigorous workouts at a gymnasium incognizant that simply drinking sufficient water can help us out. Consuming 17 to 18 glasses of water per day can actually help reduce weight in the healthiest way possible. Apparently this way the metabolic rate of the body increases by 40% which means faster and easier assimilation of carbohydrates as well as fats.

Water therapy for healthy skin:

There are two ways to this – splashing water on the skin and cleansing out the clogged pores and taking in sufficient water to keep it glowing. Excess of oil secretion in the skin is due to excess oil deposition in the adipose which could cause pimples and acne. Like wise, dryness of the skin is due to dehydration and constipation. Any internal anomaly will obviously show on the skin. Water being the best revitalizer and the key ingredient that optimizes the entire body, it is by far an effective therapy and takes just 2 liters per day.

Water therapy for back pain/arthritis:

Getting rid of a long term back pain has been a dream for many. Ointments, pain killers, physiotherapy etc. are the solutions available as of today. While physiotherapy is an effective long term solution, it also demands flexibility and pain withstanding ability. Exercising in water could be in a water pool, tub or sauna makes the body flexible and the sense of buoyancy relaxes the muscles.

Water therapy for Autism:

All of us know that autism is a genetic disorder and can not be cured. One has to live with it and provide therapy by keeping the surroundings most conducive for these kids to cope with life. The best known therapy for autism today is recreational therapy of water games are highly recommended by specialist. It does not only have physical, psycho social and cognitive benefits but also when in water the body weight reduces by 90% thereby reducing stress, decreases spasticity and relaxes the muscles. However, it must be made sure that these kids are kept a constant watch.

Water therapy for asthma:

Relaxing in a tub of warm water helps people who have breathing problems due to bronchoconstriction. Warm water is said to slowly dilate the internal organs, the bronchioles as well and helps in easy breathing. It enhances ventilator muscles endurance and mucus clearance. Also, inhaling the vapours of methyl salycilate in warm water helps in clearing excess mucus accumulation.

Water is not only the most abundant component of our body but also the most common entity of our environment. Internally and externally, they have miraculous properties of healing. Water is not just a therapy but also prevents the incidence many diseases especially those to do with the digestive system. Drink ample water, live a healthy life.



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