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Smart Technologies Smarter Homes!!

Authored By Maheep Gupta:

Have you ever noticed how technology is affecting our day to day lives? You might not even realize but we are actually surrounded by small yet smart technical marvels all over. In our homes be it a microwave, a television or a music system, all are smart technical wonders in one way or another. They have their own brain, however preliminary and basic, which lets them think, learn and do the actions which were not imaginable till few years back. Here we are not just talking about the electronic circuits and equipments but the smartness of these gadgets. A television these days can offer you reminders for your favorite show or record it when you are not there. How do you think that is possible? The washing machines can learn how actually you want to wash your clothes and manage the cycle on their own. Why? Coz it has a small brain of its own. These might look like small things but involves a very sophisticated circuitry which we call a microprocessor. In heart of all these smart appliances, there is this small chip or microprocessor which processes your instructions as per the given commands or how it has been programmed to do the things. These are the things which we didn’t even think of few years back but now we cannot imagine our lives without that.

That been said, this is just a starting and there is a long way to go. Have you ever noticed how internet has changed our way of living drastically? I consider myself fortunate enough that I am using the internet right from the days of its evolution in India and have seen it becoming an essential part of my life, but like I said this is still just a start, it has to go a long way when it will become an indispensable asset from our lives. We are talking here about the internet of the things. The days are not far when a computer or a smart device will become the center hub of our homes. All of the equipments will stay in a network and will be able to talk to each other, make decisions and to some extent control our lives. The idea is to have a connected mesh up of the things which will exchange data, analyze it and make decisions on the basis of this central pool of data. Think of the smart refrigerators which can determine the contents stored within and then can remind you of the items you need to shop coz you don’t have enough stock with you. That is very much possible and there are prototype versions of these but that is the 1st step. The ultimate stage is a connected world where refrigerator can automatically communicate with your local grocery store and order on your behalf for the things you need. Not only that, it will have the access to your medical records and thus order the right cheese or low fat butter or milk which is appropriate for your increasing cholesterol levels.

Think of the music systems which can play the tracks as per your mood which it will learn on the basis of your listening pattern or your day wide activities in your office or social circuit. Music will go wherever you are moving in your house and you won’t have to worry about increasing the volume levels coz you are in a different room from where your music system is. It will essentially know about your presence and control the inter-connected speakers throughout the house. Someone rings your doorbell and you will be able to see the guest right on your mobile phone screen. If its just a courier boy, you can sign the receipt from your mobile itself instead of going to the door and if it’s a guest, it will unlock the door for you. All these are not my weird imaginations but something where work is actually being done upon. The first step is essentially a wire free network where each and every thing is connected and the next step is of course even smarter chips and gadgets which will make this happen at an affordable cost.

The microprocessors have come a long way in past decade and now there are chips which work on really low power but can process thousands of instructions in fraction of seconds. Arm, which is a leading company in this domain, has developed a chip which can work on a small battery for 20 years without needing to replace it. Qualacom is another market leader and most of the mobile devices these days use a processor from the company. The future is of course interesting so stay tuned!!



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